Offering Professional Outsourced Architect Services in Los Angeles
Architectural Services, Interior Designing & 3D Rendering

Based in Los Angeles, with clients across the globe, TNI Interiors is a team of Architects and Interior Designers providing outsourced creative Interior imaging and construction documentation services to Architects, Interior Designers and building construction professionals.
Architects, interior designers, development directors, project managers, graphic designers, contractors, design consultants, surveyors, and engineers - require comprehensive and accurate architectural designs and renderings on time. TNI Interiors, provides all services within pre-agreed deadlines and at very competitive pricing. 

Our design team has the ability and expertise to reproduce drawings and design briefs into accurate 3d Renderings that are photo realistic and fully represent the design intent.

Advantages of architectural outsourcing including architectural design & other architectural services to TNI Interiors

By outsourcing architecture design, architectural rendering and other related architectural engineering services, Clients benefit as follows:

  • Cost reduction in preparing 3D drawings, drafts, animated presentations, models, etc.
  • Fast turnaround
  • Experienced, qualified and dedicated professionals
  • Detailed, accurate, and modifiable drawings, with the ability to make changes quickly and efficiently
  • Attractive visualization with photo realistic 3D architectural rendering and animation using latest technologies for presentation and video walk-throughs
  • The power to influence prospects through intricately planned designs with layers and color coding for plumbing, wiring, air conditioning, communication, space utilization, interior design, etc.
  • Complete documentation and plans conforming to the regulatory standards for different countries
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